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Marks Rub Cream in Pakistan

Marks Rub Cream

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Marks Rub Cream in Pakistan Enemies Of Marks, Enriched With Antibacterial And Antioxidant Ingredients, Reduces And Clears Blemishes, Scars, Skin Inflammation And Acne Scars, Minor Scratches, And Imperfections With Regular Use.

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Marks Rub Cream in Pakistan


What is Marks Rub Cream?

Marks Rub Cream in Pakistan Enemies of Marks, enriched with antibacterial and antioxidant ingredients, reduces and clears blemishes, scars, skin inflammation and acne scars, minor scratches, and imperfections with regular use.


Marks Rub Cream in Pakistan is a combination medication used to treat and combat moderate to extreme melasma (dull and discolored patches on the skin) for skin lightening or appearance and skinny lentigines (flat patches or age spots in more experienced individuals due to their dullness). (Towards the sun).


Marks Rub Cream is a fast-acting formula that penetrates deep into the skin and reduces signs of skin inflammation and hyperpigmentation. Marks Rub Cream Price in Pakistan It has a quick effect on scars with a lasting impact. It is protective, strong, and suitable for all skin types.


How Does It Work?


Marks Rub Cream in Pakistan contains a mixture of mometasone, tretinoin, and hydroquinone as a dynamic fixative and works through the combined action of these three components.


Hydroquinone inhibits a catalyst known as tyrosinase, which is responsible for developing a color called melanin. Melanin is responsible for skin pigmentation and melasma. Tretinoin is a vitamin metabolite and has a keratolytic effect.


Which is responsible for the end of the melanin frame? It also has emollient properties. Marks Rub Cream Price in Pakistan Mometasone is a corticosteroid that inhibits the formation of provocative synthetic substances such as prostaglandins and leukotrienes.


Mometasone constricts and strangles dilated (dilated) and ruptured blood vessels, allowing other subversive cells in the skin to accelerate the inflammatory response.




Marks Rub Cream in Pakistan works by reducing the development of a hue called melanin, which is responsible for dull freckles. This also helps treat blemishes and reduces swelling, redness, and numbness. It is used to get moderate to severe melasma (dull and discolored patches on the skin).


It is used to lighten the skin or appearance, especially in cases of pale pigmentation. Simple, practical, and non-greasy details for a complete response to scars and spots from rashes and other skin conditions.


Marks Rub Cream in Pakistan strengthens scar tissue from within, further developing skin scars and making the skin less blemished. Reduces irritation and limited hyperpigmentation to reduce skin freckles.


How To Use It?


Cheap.Com.Pk It contains a mixture of three drugs - mometasone, tretinoin, and hydroquinone. Try not to use it for a delayed period unless approved by your dermatologist because it contains steroids. Avoid sun exposure after using this medicine. Marks Rub Cream Price in Pakistan Use this medication exactly as your doctor told you to.

  • Apply gently as a thin layer and rub or rub thoroughly after application until the cream remains on the skin.
  • Avoid sun exposure and use a broad-spectrum sunscreen to prevent the sun's rays from reaching your skin.
  • Try not to use this cream more often than the specialist suggests. This Marks Rub Cream in Pakistan should not be used for an extended time to avoid side effects such as skin weakness and anxiety.


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