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Micro Touch Solo in Pakistan

Micro Touch Solo

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Micro Touch Solo in Pakistan Is Brand New Throughout Board Intelligent Razor With A Double-Sided German Stainless Steel Blade And Underlying LED Mild. Accuracy Made To Shave Up Or Down, Turning Head Shapes For Your Face.

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Micro Touch Solo in Pakistan 


What is Micro Touch Solo?

Micro Touch Solo in Pakistan is brand new throughout board intelligent razor with a double-sided German Stainless Steel Blade and underlying LED mild. Accuracy made to shave up or down, turning head shapes for your face.


Snap on an aide and trim whiskers and stubble; snap it off to area sideburns and facial hair/mustache lines. And throughout the board, fabulous razor trims via the thickest stubbles effortlessly - no scratches, knocks, razor devour, aggravation, or in-advanced hairs.


Micro Touch Solo Price in Pakistan No water or shaving cream required. Board great razor is superb anyplace, whenever. The inherent lithium-particle battery endures forty-five minutes and helpfully re-energizes.


How Does It Work?


Micro Touch Solo in Pakistan A hyper-excessive level, savvy razor that trims, shaves, and edges, all with a comparable area. The German-hardened metallic double-sided sharp site lets you shave up or down with miniature accuracy. The turning head shapes for your face for high-quality solace. Highlight labored in mild.


Snap-on guide for absolutely trim whiskers and stubble. Eliminate guide for accuracy area facet consumes and mustaches. Solo blanketed to the contact, so it's ideally fitted for removing unwanted frame hair.


Solo floats via hair - no pores, skin disturbance, knocks, razor devour, or ingrown hairs. It is brief and helpful. Micro Touch Solo Price in Pakistan No requirement for water, cream, or cleanser.




Micro Touch Solo in Pakistan Shave, Trim, Edge, and accuracy are designed throughout the board razor with a replaceable double-sided German Stainless Steel Blade and implicit LED mild. Advantageous and easy to go together with - does not want water or shaving cream, so there may be no wreck. 


Micro Touch Solo Price in Pakistan The implicit lithium-particle battery endures forty-five minutes and advantageously re-energizes with a protected USB link. The board razor trims via the thickest stubbles and leaves no scratches, knocks, razor devour, bothering, or advanced hairs.


Across the board, trimmer, shaver, and edger with an underlying LED mild and turning head for best accuracy. Incorporates three handling brushes (1mm, 3mm, 5mm), a cleansing brush, and a USB charging link


Battery-powered lithium-particle battery endures as long as forty-five minutes. Electric facial hair trimmer edges your facial hair for spotless and specific lines.


Micro Touch Solo in Pakistan Replaceable German-handled metallic double-sided area slices via stubbles easily; formed head turns to transport alongside bends of the face. The sharp area manufactured from pure.


How to Use It?


Micro Touch Solo Price in Pakistan This compact conveying stockpiling case is an uncommonly planned forkball fee, essential speaker. Viable with maximum manufacturers like Macintosh and iPod contact or different microbus organized gadgets.


Safeguard the pores and skin of miniature contact headlamps or razors. Cheap.Com.Pk Appropriate for a massive variety of high-end motors and electrically powered shavers, along with handling edger sharp area, tiny contact, and solo trimmer. 


Not Fully Waterproof. It is an electric-powered device that is sometimes launderable. Micro Touch Solo in Pakistan So flushing it or using it beneath the bathe isn't permitted.


I propose getting it a long way out of your restroom while no longer utilizing it and going together simply while you want a shave/trim.


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