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Tiger Balm Spray in Pakistan

Tiger Balm Spray

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Tiger Balm Spray in Pakistan Is A Best Treatment For Gaining Muscle Mass And Pains In Hard- To- Attain Areas. Acute Remedy From Muscle Pangs And Pains Delivered On Via Emphatic Athletic Coaching Is Accessible Shortly With Tiger Balm Muscle Spray. Tiger Balm Spray Is A Fast- Performing Spray That Relieves Muscular Aches And Pains In Lively People. It's Handy To Use And Is Fine On Small Areas.

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Tiger Balm Spray in Pakistan 


What is Tiger Balm Spray?

Tiger Balm Spray in Pakistan is the best treatment for gaining muscle mass and pains in hard-to-attain areas. Acute remedy from muscle pangs and pains delivered via emphatic athletic coaching is accessible shortly with Tiger Balm Spray Price in Pakistan. Tiger Balm Spray is a fast-performing spray relieves muscular aches and pains in lively people. It's handy to use and is fine in small areas.


How Does It Work?


To remedy sore muscles, sprains, and strains, a sturdy anodyne spray is used to be developed. Due to its spray operation, it is simple to observe to hard- to- attain spots. However, if the result is non-greasy, you will want to avoid ruining your clothes. Tiger Balm Spray in Pakistan is an ornament analgesic spray created to spherical your lively lifestyle. However, strains or sprains if you have a backache.


How To Use It?


Tiger Balm Spray in Pakistan Applying, non-greasy, and stain-free is handy to use this muscle spray. It can deal with sore muscular tissues and joints or relieve them earlier than or after exertion. Tiger Balm Active Muscle Spray is made with topical anesthetics comparable to methyl salicylate (25 percent), menthol( sixteen percent), and camphor( 7 percent). For grown-ups and youngsters over 12, spot the affected area. Reprise three–four instances each day.


This product is solely supposed for floor use. When the use of it, solely cleave to the directions. Keep a protected distance from your mucous membranes and eyes. Observing pores and skin to see if it is infected or wounded is not sensible. Tiger Balm Spray Price in Pakistan It comes in a 2.53 oz/seventy-five ml vessel called Tiger Balm Active Muscle Spray.




Cheap.Com.Pk Analgesic spray a non-greasy, soothing composition, and for delicate-to-attain locations. Tiger Balm Spray in Pakistan is an ornament analgesic spray that complements your lively lifestyle. However, strains or sprains,  If you have a backache. Using this muscle spray's convenient to apply, non-greasy, and stain-free.

It can assist in easing sore muscle mass and joints or used as a warm-up earlier than exercising and a cool-down latterly. The expression of Tiger Balm Spray Price in Pakistan incorporates topical anesthetics comparable to methyl salicylate (25 percent), menthol (16 percent), and camphor (7 percent). For grown-ups and teenagers over 12, spray the affected area. Three – four reiterations every day




  • An alcohol (Dehydrated Alcohol),
  • Camphor is 7(Topical Analgesic)
  • Deiced herbal gas.
  • Methyl salicylate, 25 percent (Topical Analgesic),
  • There are sixteen menthols (Topical Analgesics)


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