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Ventacid Tablets in Pakistan

Ventacid Tablets

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Ventacid Tablets in Pakistan Through Nutrifactor Can Also Be A Dietary Complement So Carries Joining Antacids, Carbonate Then Aperient, So Much Assist To Grant Fast Yet Fine Alleviation From Heartburn Induced By Way Of Extra Belly Acid Production.

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Ventacid Tablets in Pakistan


What is Ventacid Tablets?

Ventacid Tablets in Pakistan through Nutrifactor can also be a dietary complement so carries joining antacids, carbonate then aperient, so much assist to grant fast yet fine alleviation from heartburn induced by way of extra belly acid production. It additionally incorporates masses over calcium or magnesium. It aids within the comfort on water brash indigestion, heartburn, or stomach pain after meals.

Ventacid Tablets Price in Pakistan by means of Nutrifactor in Pakistan are a dietary complement as includes twins antacids, carbonate or aperient, which assist to furnish speedy yet superb remedy out of heartburn brought on through extra belly water brash production. It is additionally high within calcium then magnesium. It relieves water brash indigestion, heartburn, and stomach soreness afterwards meals.


How Does It Work?


Ventacid Tablets in Pakistan include pair high-quality antacids, carbonate or aperient, who assist after reduce the quantity regarding water brash within the stomach, relieving signs certain as like heartburn, water brash indigestion, yet indigestion. It provides on the spot yet tremendous remedy beside heartburn. It assists between the remedy regarding belly soreness yet water brash indigestion.


Ventacid Tablets Price in Pakistan Nutrifactor Ventacid Chewable Tablet 60s are tooled with the aid of Naturifactors Laboratories. Ventacid Tablets consists of joining fine antacids, carbonate and aperient, as help to scale lower back the quantity of sour taste inside the stomach, assuaging signs and symptoms like heartburn, sour taste indigestion, and indigestion. Naturifactors Laboratories produces Nutrifactor Ventacid Chewable Tablet 60s. It also consists of a tussock about calcium then magnesium. Cheap.Com.Pk It alleviates sour taste reflux, heartburn, yet stomach soreness afterward meals.




  • Ventacid Tablets in Pakistan Provides instantaneous or wonderful relief from heartburn.

  • Assists within the relief about stomach pain yet water brash indigestion.

  • Rich in minerals kind of magnesium and calcium. Uses




Chew 2-4 tablets per day, preferably afterwards meals, and so directed by means of a healthcare professional. Don’t drink quite the advocated each day dose.



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