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Magic Wand Personal Massager in Pakistan

Magic Wand Personal Massager

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Magic Wand Personal Massager in Pakistan Is An Original, Genuine, America's Number One Preference For A Personal Massager. For Over 30 Years, The Magic Wand Massager Has America's Relied-On Preference For An All-Around Personal Massager.

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Magic Wand Personal Massager in Pakistan 


What is Magic Wand Personal Massager?

Magic Wand Personal Massager in Pakistan is an original, genuine, America's number one preference for a personal massager. For over 30 years, the Magic Wand massager has America's relied-on preference for an all-around personal massager.


That components delight time after time. Its electricity and durability have earned it rave evaluations from users. The Magic Wand that many people have loved is now made even better through the Hitachi HV-260 personal massager. 


Magic Wand Personal Massager in Pakistan The current model, even though it comes with a spongy spherical head that gives a solid vibrating massage, it's far manufacturing is made even more robust. The gadget is even much less complex to use with the dual-mode switch located on the narrow manipulation.


Item ships through USPS in discreet unmarked packaging. The Original Magic Wand is one of the best-loved vibrators in history. Often endorsed thru sexual healthcare vendors for women who have trouble climaxing. Advanced initially as a body massager, the Magic Wand Personal Massager Price in Pakistan will art work wonders on stiff muscle tissues.


How Does It Work?


The Wand boasts low and immoderate speeds (5,000 and 6,000 vibrations constant per minute, respectively), allowing for customization over the intensity. The deep, penetrating vibrations can focused on whichever body aspect you choose manner to its broad, plush, and softly rounded head,


The Magic Wand Personal Massager in Pakistan components powerful vibrations and the use of exciting frequencies. The vibrating head components a calming massage through the tennis-ball-sized head. The personal massager is ideal for sanatorium and at-home massages to relieve stress, sore muscle tissues, and more.




The Magic Wand Personal Massager in Pakistan in no manner runs out of electricity and is continuously equipped to go! Magic Wand massager designed for a United States 110-120V/60A electricity delivery and is not secure with each electricity delivery or adapter.


The Magic Wand Massager creates firm, powerful massaging vibrations through its firm, smooth, tennis-ball period head. It has exciting frequencies: I) 5,000 and II) 6,000 vibrations constant with minute. The Magic Wand Personal Massager set 12 inches lengthy and about 2 1/4 inches large during its vibrating head.


How To Use It?


Magic Wand Personal Massager Price in Pakistan weighs a robust 1.2 pounds, a powerful and reliable workhorse that is not lightweight! For safety, in no manner manipulate this massager thru the cord and in no way immerse it in water. Use it within the bath or shower.


Also, only carry it out for 25 minutes switching it off to relax for 30 minutes in advance. Then switching it to decrease the lower back. Please see the Magic Massager user manual for complete instructions and safety warnings.


The Magic Wand Personal Massager in Pakistan eases body aches, pains, and muscle tension. This rechargeable magic wand has a brilliant 30 modes, a heavy responsibility motor, and a gentle touch silicone head to give you a deep tissue massage or slight vibrations.


Cheap.Com.Pk With cordless consolation for alleviating tired muscle tissues at home and away, the Love Magic handheld massager is suitable for people on the go. Indulge yourself with this low-fee high-priced today.

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